Pets can make you less stressed...

Will a pet reindeer make Christmas less stressful? All joking aside, there is medical evidence everywhere that having a pet can benefit a person's health in many ways.

A couple who have a pet will get over a small argument more quickly when the pet does something funny and they laugh together in spite of themselves. Having a dog usually gets one out walking more and that is great for heart health. The more a dog owner walks, the lower is their blood pressure usually. We all know that petting a dog or cat or ruffling the feathers on a pet bird is soothing for both the owner and the pet.

Owners with dogs will find more social interaction as they are out walking and meeting other walkers, people stop to pat the pet's head or discuss the breed with the owner. For a senior, this may be the only conversation they have in a day and they benefit from it. People with pets are generally more engaged in life and happier, maybe have a little more trust in the world. And there is no doubt that you are seeing honest love being returned when you look into your pet's eyes.

So, if you have a pet (don't forget your backyard chickens!), know that you have taken one more step towards a healthier you!

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