We offer to our patients mobile diagnostic testing, ordered by your physician and paid for by Medical Services Plan:

  • 24 Holter Monitoring (covered by MSP, ordered through a physician)

  • Pacemaker Interrogation (pacemaker checks)  

  • Electrocardiograms (ordered by your physician and covered by MSP)


The above reports are generated and Interpreted by local Internal Medicine Specialists and Cardiologists.  Results are sent to the ordering physician.

Questions and Answers:

You can order this test through your doctor or specialist or contact us on your own. If you request, we will send the results to your physician electronically.


(778) 841-0125 or


Services that can be arranged by your physician or specialist for in home diagnostic testing at no charge to you:


  • 24 hour Holtering Monitoring

  • Pacemaker Check

  • Electrocardiograms


Cardiology on the Move reports are generated and interpreted by local Internal Medicine Specialists.


Cardiology on the Move electronically delivers reports to your specialist's practice as soon as the internal medicine specialist has analysed the results.