We offer to our patients mobile diagnostic testing, ordered by your physician and paid for by Medical Services Plan:

  • 24 Holter Monitoring (covered by MSP, ordered through a physician)

  • Pacemaker Interrogation (check pacemaker - ordered by your physician and covered by MSP)

  • Electrocardiograms (ordered by your physician and covered by MSP)


The above reports are generated and Interpreted by local Internal Medicine Specialists and Cardiologists.  Results are sent to the ordering physician.

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24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring:


Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring allows you to keep track of your blood pressures over the 24 hours.  The equipment is calibrated to test at consistent intervals to give the client an accurate idea of where they stand in regards to their blood pressure health.


You can decide on your own to monitor your blood pressure for 24 hours in the comfort of your own home.  Your results are sent to your physican electronically if you want us to,  and you can discuss the report at your medical appointment.  For those patients who suffer from "white coat syndrome", where your blood pressure goes up in the doctor's office, this is an invaluable way to get accurate readings.


Blood pressure is a measurement of force that pushes on the walls inside the body's arteries.  When your blood pressure is monitored over the 24 hours, it includes your normal daily activities and can be done in different places, such as at home, at work or on the go. This helps your doctor to:


  • Decide whether you have high blood pressure.

  • Check whether a certain medicine is helping to lower your blood pressure.

  • Make sure that any medicines you take for other problems are not causing episodes of low blood pressure.

  • OR give you the peace of mind by knowing where you stand by being proactive about your health.


When you have high blood pressure and monitor your blood pressures over the 24 hours, it can help you see how medicine or lifestyle changes are helping to lower your blood pressure. It can help you feel more involved in and more in control of your own health care.


Some people have a big rise in blood pressure only when they are in a doctor's office. This is called "white-coat hypertension." It probably is caused by worry about the doctor visit. By checking blood pressure at home, these people can often find out whether their blood pressure readings generally are lower when they are not in the doctor's office.


What are your risks with uncontrolled High Blood Pressure? 


  • Damage to your arteries    

  • Damage to your kidneys

  • Damage to your brain

  • Damage to your heart



To arrange this diagnostic testing, just contact us by phone or email:


778 841-0125 or CardiologyontheMove@gmail.com





Questions and Answers:


You can order this test through your doctor or specialist or contact us on your own. If you request, we will send the results to your physician electronically.


This test is not covered by the Medical Service Plan of BC.  Our fee is $40, with a 10% discount if you have the equipment attached at our office.  To arrange this diagnostic testing, just contact us by phone or email:


778 841-0125 or CardiologyontheMove@gmail.com


Services that can be arranged by your physician or specialist for in home diagnostic testing at no charge to you:


  • 24 hour Holtering Monitoring

  • Pacemaker Check

  • Electrocardiograms


Cardiology on the Move reports are generated and interpreted by local Internal Medicine Specialists.


Cardiology on the Move electronically delivers reports to your specialist's practice as soon as the internal medicine specialist has analysed the results.


Here is an informative video of how 24 hour blood pressure monitoring works in real life.  

Thank you to  "Pique Beauty" Youtube Poster from Cornwall, UK for her video of her own experience and handy tips.

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