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Services Provided:


 * 24-48 Hour Holter Monitors applications


 * Electrocardiograms


 * Pacemaker Interrogations



How do you as the patient arrange this testing?


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Cardiology on the Move Diagnostics Inc.

in-home or office diagnostic testing....

I am Colin Quigg and this is my company.  


The idea was born when I dealt with scheduling time off work for multiple medical appointments for my senior parents here in Nanaimo.  My employer was understanding but even I felt I was not successfully dividing my time with the family, my job and my parents' health issues.  As you know, maintaining health as a senior is vital and diagnostic testing is the key to living the best life possible.This was the case with my parents who enjoyed longer lives because of their excellent medical team.


Many of these diagnostic tests were done by very competent technicians.  I definitely wanted to be at the doctor appointments where the results of these diagnostic tests were discussed and treatment plans decided upon. The time away from my desk was considerable. I thought many times that my time was being used to make them comfortable and to drive them to facilities for tests.


I know my parents felt bad about me taking time off work.  After I started my company, Cardiology on the Move to address this need for patients, we heard from our patients over and over - "I just want to be a bit more independent".  


Our service also allows us to deal with youth and young adults going to school or working split shifts. We can arrange their diagnostic testing before or after school or work at any location they wish, to give them privacy and easy access.


This is another time-saver for youth who also want to be independent and keep their privacy.


For busy professionals, we can do discreet office testing as well if that helps your schedule.


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